What Is the Etiquette for Planning a Baby Shower?

If you think planning a baby shower seems simple at face value, it may be time to think again. Beyond gathering folding tables and chairs to accommodate all guests, there are several etiquette rules that you must heed to please your guests and the mom-to-be, starting with…

When Should You Hold the Shower?

The shower should be scheduled anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks before a baby is due. This will ensure that the shower can go off without a hitch, even if a baby is born early for unforeseen reasons.

In some cases, a mother may prefer to have her baby shower after the due date if she’s keeping the gender a surprise.

Who Decides the Guest List?

As the host, you’re responsible for paying for the baby shower in full. As a result, you do get some say-so to determine exactly how many guests you can pay for. Talk with the expectant mother to come up with a number that you can both agree on so that you don’t exceed your party budget.

How Many Guests Should Be Invited?

In most cases, a baby shower works best as an intimate gathering with family and friends. If the guest list is too extensive to include work colleagues and friends of friends, it may be more stressful than necessary to the expectant mama. As an estimate, 20 guests are recommended for a comfortable party.

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