Clever Ideas for Quick Party Hors D’oeuvres for an Impromptu Gathering

If colleagues suggest that everyone head to your house after work, will you be prepared? Beyond folding chairs to provide guests with enough seating room, food is of the utmost importance.

While it may feel overwhelming to accommodate multiple guests without a moment’s notice, you can throw together some delicious party appetizers with these suggestions:

  • Cheese h'ordeuvresCheese and a Baguette: If you keep premium cheese on hand, like Brie or Gouda, it will be easy to slice it up and place it on a serving platter with slices of crusty baguette. Voilà! A gourmet appetizer in minutes.
  • Bread Sticks: Another quick party favorite is thin bread sticks, also called grissini, served with a premade dip like pesto or roasted red bell pepper spread. These crunchy breadsticks can be placed on a serving platter for guests to munch on with tasty dip on the side.
  • Snack Mix: Instead of throwing a bag of trail mix on the table, surprise guests with gourmet-inspired Asian snack mix made from wasabi peas, sesame sticks, and rice crackers. This tangy mix is inexpensive and hard to resist!
  • Edamame: Keeping a frozen bag of edamame on hand at all times will make it easy to serve guests a nutritious, filling party treat. Simply pop the edamame in the microwave, allow it to steam, and serve in a bowl with coarse salt as a garnish.
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