Are You in Need of New Friends? Here’s Where to Begin

Anytime you go through a major change in life, you may need to make new friends. This could include a divorce, a move to a new city, or retirement, causing your life’s circumstances to change drastically and opening the door to new relationships.

Where to Meet New People

If you’re hoping to meet friends for the sole purpose of socialization, the task may seem impossible at best. Close friendships don’t happen immediately, but there are places that you can look to find potential friends to connect with in any season of your life:

  • Sign up for a class. Whether it’s a painting class at a local college or a relationship support group at your church, gathering with peers on church furniture may be exactly what you need to meet a new friend.
  • Invite a colleague for a drink. Although it may feel awkward to break the ice and ask a friend to join you for dinner or a drink, most colleagues will willingly accept the invitation. If you’re intimidated at the thought of reaching out to a new friend, start slowly by asking a coworker to join you for happy hour after work.
  • Volunteer. It’s easy to meet people with common interests as you work toward a greater cause. Volunteering will expose you to new people from all walks of life and can help to develop your social skills.
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