How Do Children Make Friends?

If your child could be considered a loner and has a difficult time making friends at school, it helps to understand the natural process of how children make friends.

Share a Common Interest

One child will connect with another when they realize that they have something in common. Children can develop friendship easily when they are open with one another and express their interest in becoming friends.

We’ve all seen young children ask the innocent question before: Want to be my friend?

Say Hello

Most kids become comfortable in a friendship when they interact with the same children regularly. As one child greets another, the other child should remain open and respond with a friendly hello to reinforce their friendship.

If a child has a difficult time saying hello to new friends, this can be practiced with role-play at home to make them feel more comfortable.

Give a Compliment

When it comes to kids, flattery will get you everywhere. When one child gives another a sincere compliment, it immediately cements a new friendship and creates a common bond.

Teach your child the art of the compliment by doling out compliments regularly at home, like “Nice jacket!” or “Great job on your art project!”

Always Be Kind

Last but not least, children can keep a friendship going by acting in kindness toward each other. Small kindnesses make a friendship meaningful, like saving an extra seat at the lunch table or helping a friend with a difficult task.

Of course, kindness needs to be genuine in order to be well received by a friend. Teaching a child to lend a helping hand will go a long way to help them connect with others.

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