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Are You in Need of New Friends? Here’s Where to Begin

Anytime you go through a major change in life, you may need to make new friends. This could include a divorce, a move to a new city, or retirement, causing your life’s circumstances to change drastically and opening the door … Continue reading

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Quick Tips to Control Costs for Your Event or Conference

If you’ve been designated to plan an upcoming meeting or conference for your office, your boss probably briefed you well in advance of the budgetary constraints for the event. Fortunately, you can use these helpful tips to control costs when … Continue reading

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What Are the Best Indoor Games for Toddlers?

If you’re looking for a way to entertain your little one on a rainy day, you’ve come to the right place. Caregivers and daycare teachers can also use these indoor activity ideas to keep toddlers from crawling all over church … Continue reading

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2 Strategies Can Improve Your Performance as a Public Speaker

According to Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University, public speaking anxiety is a common occurrence that is triggered by the fear of evaluation from other people. Public speaking anxiety can cause a number of physical symptoms in addition to general nervousness, including shaking, … Continue reading

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How to Plan the Perfect Post-Wedding Brunch

Once you’ve said “I do,” the celebration isn’t over yet. Even though you may be ready to pack your bags and head off for your honeymoon, many brides and grooms choose to plan one final event to bring friends and … Continue reading

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Hosting 101: Insider Secrets for Memorable Entertaining

Whether you’re hosting a gathering in your own home or are the chair of a church committee, it helps to understand the true art of entertaining. You can make guests feel welcome in any setting by taking into consideration the … Continue reading

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How to Plan a Delicious Baby Shower Menu

Now that you have a date set and invitations sent, it’s time to put your nose to the grindstone and plan a mouth-watering baby shower menu. If you’re throwing a baby shower for the first time and have never experienced … Continue reading

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5 Unique Centerpieces for the Bride on a Budget

If you’re planning a wedding on a limited budget – and, let’s face it, who isn’t these days? – it’s important to cut costs whenever possible. One of the best places to scrimp without sacrificing quality is by doing your … Continue reading

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Inexpensive Decor for a Church on a Budget

If you’re ready to replace your traditional, worn church furniture with newer, more comfortable alternatives, it’s important to do your homework and shop competitively before making a big buy. Since most churches are on a restricted budget, depending upon the … Continue reading

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