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How to Choose the Healthiest Appetizers for a Cocktail Party

Can parties and health really go hand-in-hand? If you plan your party menu in advance, you can provide your guests with healthy options in favorite party hors d’oeuvres, like: Hummus: Hummus is delicious and high in fiber. Bonus points if … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Organizing a Business Conference

Depending upon its purpose, a conference may be organized for a number of reasons. A special event like a business conference can be planned for: Academic groups Professional associations Workplace training Problem management At its heart, a conference is a … Continue reading

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Despite the Economy, Family Dining Is on the Rise

According to a recent CNBC report, many families are enjoying the freedom of spending money on extras once again, including the popular favorite of dining out at restaurants. Family Friendly Dining Is on the Upswing Although restaurants have seen a … Continue reading

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How to Throw a Healthy Holiday Party to Prevent Seasonal Weight Gain

As you may already be familiar with, the holidays are often centered around food, food, and more food. If you’re in charge of throwing a family gathering or special event, you can turn the tables on your guests by providing … Continue reading

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What Is the Etiquette for a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner?

Although all of your attention may be focused on planning your wedding day, there are a number of other details to consider, like the planning of the rehearsal dinner the night before. There are several etiquette rules that dictate rehearsal … Continue reading

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How to Set a Table for a Party

Whether you’re throwing a dinner party in a formal dining room or setting up plastic folding tables for a casual backyard barbecue, it helps to know the basics of proper table setting. Many hostesses still have a hard time remembering … Continue reading

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The Art of Entertaining: How to Throw a Party

While throwing a party may seem easy, it’s more complicated than many people make it out to be. Gracious entertaining is a true art that can be learned by putting these helpful tips into practice for your next gathering. Decide … Continue reading

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How to Plan a Child’s Graduation Party

Even though it may not be the same as graduating from college, graduating kindergarten or the fifth-grade is an event worth celebrating. If you have a soon-to-be school graduate at home, the best way to reinforce their academic achievement is … Continue reading

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Average Wedding Reception Costs for Couples in 2012

While a wedding may be the most magical day of your life, getting the bill as a newlywed couple is never any fun. Many couples are surprised to find that it is easier than ever to exceed their budget when … Continue reading

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